James No’el

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Mr. May 2007:

James No’el: Canada’s Finest

by Gene Marie

“My family…are behind me every step of the way and I want to make a positive impression on my nephews & nieces; being a role model for them.”

Hello my name is James No’el. I am a model & fitness freak and I hale from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!

Gene: What are your personal as well as professional interests?

James: My Personal interests are cars, street bikes, fitness etc. My business interests are modeling and acting of course; and one day own my own gym.

Gene: Do you have a motto that you live by?

James: Live 4 the day,

Gene: How old were you when you started training?

James: I started when I was 15 but I only began to take it seriously when I was 18 after a bad car accident and I have been at it ever since.

Gene: How were you exposed to modeling?

James: It began when I was 17, a family member was doing the casting for a movie and asked me if she could take some pictures of me to give to the director. I gave her some and that is where I got my start. Then about a year ago, my friend’s boss is a model, and I was able to be hooked up with some photographers he worked with and the rest is history.

Gene: What’s the life of a model?

James: Busy busy. I’m always on the run, that’s the down side of it, it never seems like there is enough hours in the day. The up side is having the chance to do shoots and meet new people and the best part is going to new places to do shoots. I have met so many great people that I might not have any other way.

Gene: What occupies your time when you are not modeling?

James: The gym of course, I spend 17 and a half hours there a week. I’m a big car and audio buff so I spendJames No\'el by Corbis a lot of time doing and thinking of new toys to add to my car and stereo. I spend time on mySpace networking and chatting with the people I have met and the rest of my time is spent with family and friends. I have a very large tight-knit family so that’s a full time job in itself.

Gene: As most people would wonder, what is your diet and workout like?

James: My workout and diet depends on what I am training for. If I’m training to gain mass it is constant eating, lifting heavy, and making sure I rest after I eat so the weight packs on. If I am training to be ‘ripped,’ low carbohydrates, high protein, more cardio, no junk food, and a lot of water. If I am training for fashion—less to zero weight, more cardio, and I’m not so strict on the diet, because they want you to have a slightly softer look for fashion. The must do in all my workouts is abs. I never miss a day.

Gene: Are there other activities besides working out at the gym that you do to keep yourself healthy and fit?

James: I use to be really into basketball but I had to give it up after my car accident, so it’s just the gym for me now.

Gene: What’s next, what are your future plans?

James: Next is the “World Championships Of The Performing Arts,” which will take place in L.A., California on July 28 to August. I also have just been asked to be part of team Canada. From there I have a few modeling jobs in Australia, so I’m going there to check out the sights and do some work of course.

I have done a few minor competitions in Halifax and one in Mexico and I have placed first in all, but the most up to date would be the hard bodies here in Halifax. I am the 05/06 champion.

Gene: Who or what are your influences? Who or what encourages you to be successful?

James: My family of course they are behind me every step of the way and I want to make a positive impression on my nephews & nieces; being a role model for them.

Gene: What is something most people do not know about you?

James No\'elJames: I’m a shy guy, people looking at this might think ‘yeah right’ but really I can hardly make eye contact with a stranger.

Gene: Anything extra you would like to add?

James: Thank you for picking me to be your Buffrx Mr.May and the support of my fitness and professional career.

You can see more of James No’el here:
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