Amer Abdulbaki – Mr. October

Amer Abdulbaki
interviewed by Gene Marie

“Growing up, I did not come from a rich household, I was actually working since the age of 13, and that made me realize that if you want something you have to earn it, and nothing is given.”

My name is Amer Abdulbaki, also known as Amer “T” Hammer. I was born in New York, New York, and I am currently residing in Toronto, Canada! I am a recent graduate from George Brown for Architecture. I am a very outgoing and hardworking individual!

I played football for the majority of my life. In my late teenage years I played for Toronto Thunder, until I got a knee injury, which took me out of the game for over a year. I began to train for looks rather than athletic performance!

My occupation currently does not exist, because I would rather be poor and strive to be rich in the fitness industry, rather than be rich and wonder what could have come if I pursued a career in the fitness industry! Not to say I am poor! (laughs) I have been featured in various TV commercials as well as various magazines. I am currently a fitness model, as well as a professional model for runway and print! Stay tuned for the 2009 fitness season, as I will be competing in the FAME World championships, as well as the WBFF!

What are your personal as well as professional interests?
My personal interests are working out, fitness, traveling, and spending time with family. Spending time with family is extremely important; at the end of the day, those are the people who count the most. Fitness and working out are important to me because whether you are rich or poor, having an amazing physique is not something you can buy; it can only be attained through hard work! So, it does not matter who you are or where you come from, all people in the fitness industry can relate, and when you step foot in the gym, or go for a run it allows you to get away from all your problems, and use that energy to build your physique!

My professional interest is Architecture! I graduated from George Brown with a degree in Architecture; I am as well continuing my education in Urban/Regional Planning!

You competed in FAME this year, what made you decide to compete in FAME when you are already a working Fitness Model?
I heard so many good things about FAME! One very important point regarding FAME is that it is a natural organization. I am a drug free athlete so FAME is the ideal organization to compete with! Another is that the structure and the professionalism of the organization are immaculate! With many other organizations it is either you win, or you lose and you go home. FAME is different because the owner’s (Jeff and Mindy) and judges help you by providing constructive criticism, which means a lot because it shows they care about their athletes.

What has it been like preparing for your first competition with FAME? What category did you compete in?
I was very excited, and nervous. My first competition with FAME was the Lyzabeth Lopez Shape Expo in January, and then I moved on to the World Championships in June of 2008. I competed as a fitness model. FAME was an excellent experience; there are many competitors, in fact the best fitness competitors in the world. I learned so much more about my body, and how to improve my body just by competing. I believe just by competing you can learn so much; a lot of it is trial and error!

What inspired you to become a fitness model? Who or what encourages you to be successful?
What inspired me to become a fitness model was really to be able to build the best physique possible. Growing up, I did not come from a rich household, I was actually working since the age of 13, and that made me realize that if you want something you have to earn it, and nothing is given! So between school, work, and family, I would always make time for the gym, because I knew that no matter what, if I am going to be successful in life it is going to be in the fitness industry because that is where my heart is. On a Friday night, when others are at a club or out drinking, I am training in the gym. The only thing that encourages me to be successful is that I know a nice physique cannot be purchased. You can come from a rich family, and drive the nicest cars, and maybe even buy the best looking girls with your money…you cant buy a nice body, only hard work, determination, and desire will get you that body!

What’s the best part about being a model?
Being able to look in a magazine and see yourself, or watching TV and you happen to see yourself on the screen, it is a very proud, and rewarding feeling!

What are your most important goals in life?
Getting my career started, having a family, and being a successful individual. Fitness is my hobby; I want to make it my career. Although I have graduated from George Brown, and will continue to go, I use that as a backup plan. Some people drink, smoke, go clubbing, or collect stamps for a hobby…mine is fitness and it will be 30 years from now!

What is something most people do not know about you?
Many people when they see me wouldn’t believe that I am a graduate as an Architectural student. Many people judge people based on the way they look, so many people think I am beauty and no brains! I find it funny because I think I am more intelligence, rather than looks!

As most people would wonder, what is your diet and workout like?
Well, that’s a secret! (laughs) Just kidding, my diet is very clean, however it is very basic. Most people think it is very difficult to diet. I eat every 2 hours and 45 minutes. Every time I eat I have 40-45 grams of protein, 10-15 grams of fat, and 5 grams of fibre. Most meals will be egg whites, Tuna, Salmon, chicken, or beef with a side of broccoli! (laughs) I only have 1 protein shake daily, which is immediately after a workout, and it would be a fast releasing protein with glutamine! The key to my diet is to get the right amount of protein.

My diet also depends on what I am trying to do, whether it is bulking up, leaning out, or to maintain! My workouts are very intense…that’s all I can say about that! I like to train legs the most, as well as shoulders! I find it very important to look symmetrical, so I am constantly trying to improve my body through my workouts by putting on mass in certain areas by lifting heavy!

How long have you been working out and what’s your favourite exercise?
I have been working out for 5 years, however only seriously for 2! All my life I ran track and played football, so that’s what kept me in shape until now! My favourite exercise is squats!

What is your favorite food?
I love to eat ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, but that’s when I am not dieting! When I am dieting, I look forward to eating grilled salmon with broccoli, their isn’t much variety!

When you hit the gym, or you’re out for a run what kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to just about everything from Rock and Rap to Punk and Country! (laughs) When I go for a run or at the gym I like to listen to some T.I., Jeezy, and Billy Talent. Music is a big part of my workouts, without it I wouldn’t have half the body I have!

What occupies your time when you are not modeling?
I’m usually at school, the gym, or just spending time with my family. I enjoy traveling back to the States, I also enjoy just going to watch a movie or kicking it with friends!

How do you spend your weekends?
Wake up, go to the gym, and maybe go out to dinner with some friends or family, maybe watch a movie…I haven’t gone clubbing for like 2 years, and I haven’t had alcohol for like 4! (laughs) On the weekends I really like to rest, relax and just watch movies or TV!

What’s next, what are your future plans?
My future plans are to one-day win the FAME pro World Championships. As far as career wise, I want to be extremely successful in print as well as acting! I do have backup plans, such as working for an architectural firm, but I don’t think that’s going to happen! (laughs)

Final statement
I would like to say that nothing is impossible in life, nothing at all. So when people tell you it can’t be done, they are saying this because they don’t believe in themselves! Trust me, I know, people told me I would never make it in the fitness industry and acting industry, but I used their negativity to make it! So thanks guys, keep telling me I cant do it, so I can make it even further! (laughs) Also I would like to thank my sponsor Bellair Tan in Toronto, as well as FAME for providing me with excellent exposure!

I would also like to thank those who have believed in me and been there for me, no need to mention anyone because you guys know who you are! Most importantly I would like to thank my family!

Thanks Amer, we’re ready to support you on your rise to success! We’re rooting for you! We are proud to have you as Mr.October! Thanks for allowing us in your world! Keep in touch Amer!


      Photo credits: Urban Stylz, Joel Roberts

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