Grow an Awesome Back Without Machines Part 1

Featured Exercise: Dumbbell Row with Neutral Grip

Wow I could not find a video that was already made with a male in it! So I’m posting the female version which is the same exercise as the male exercise. I’ll be sure to make one of my own and post soon!

All you need is some dumbbells,  a tee and shorts, and some running shoes. Oh and a mirror if possible to see your form as it is key to every exercise.

This exercise works mainly your lats, but also biceps, levator scapulae, lower back, rhomboids, traps – mid, traps – upper, triceps. Be sure to stick your bum out just as she is like your pushing a door away with it. Very important.  Bent Knees, squat right into it just as she is doing. Back flat, keeping the spine aligned, with your head looking straight down at the ground.   If you have any injuries be sure to consult your trainer.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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