How To Grow An Awesome Back Without Machines Intro!

A few months back I posted an article titled ‘How To Grow An Awesome Back’ by Rico Connor.   A reader listed as ‘lucx’ asked this question:

If I’m not exposed to machines which excercize do you recommend as the best to bring good results for back?

What a fantastic question, is what went through my mind! So for the beginning of June we’ll have a nice focus on working out the back without having to pay for expensive machines or an expensive membership.  If anyone has any other questions regarding other areas of the body that you’d like to focus on without paying loads of money feel free to post your question. Now remember before I start this I’m giving you all heads up! You’ll need dumbbels and/or a medicine ball, possibly a stability ball or bosu ball, so hit the stores. Consider purchasing a mat as well (usually used for stretching or pilates/yoga). Those are cheap, 20 bucks here in Canada, so get shopping! Walmart is good with these things (a tip), if you’re truly on a budget. But I recommend heading to any sports store.

I’ll  be in touch within a few days

Gene Marie


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