Best Dumbbell Exercises for Achieving a World Class Physique


Pics by Gaz
Pics by Gaz

Best Dumbbell Exercises for Achieving a World Class Physique

Author: Eugene Armand

Dumbbells are the most versatile and effective workout tool for constructing a muscular body. With just a pair of dumbbells, one can perform dozens of compound and isolated workouts in order to strip away fat, develop lean muscle mass and improve cardiovascular fitness. So with the large selection of exercises available, one might begin to ponder – what are the best dumbbell exercises for producing the greatest physique development? Well, without further bustle, here are some of best dumbbell exercises that’ll help you get a world-class body when combined with proper muscle gaining diet:

Best Upper Body Dumbbell Exercises

Chest – Flat/decline/incline bench press. The standard flat dumbbell bench press is a powerful exercise and should be sought regularly for developing a remarkable, head-turning chest.Shoulders – Dumbbell shoulder press, upright row and lateral raise. The standard shoulder press and dumbbell upright row is great for blasting the shoulder complex. You can also perform the latter one arm at a time thereby allowing you to apply full pressure on the lateral part of the shoulder individually. To complete the whole package, you should also blast the anterior part of the shoulder, and the lateral raise is the perfect exercise for accomplishing this goal.

Back – Dumbbell bent over row, deadlift and shrug are your best friends. The aforementioned exercises can help you develop a strong and muscular back if done with correct form and relatively heavy weights.

Biceps – Dumbbell curl and Incline curl. These two are the only exercises you’ll ever need to stimulate your biceps and can be done either one arm alternately, or perform with both arms at the same time. The incline curls are highly stressful so you probably won’t be able to lift as much weight compared to the standard curls.Triceps – Triceps extension, dumbbell kickback and incline extension. All 3 exercises are fully capable of kicking up triceps growth. Don’t go too crazy on your triceps because they get enough stimulation from your chest routine like the bench press.

Best Lower Body Dumbbell Exercises

Hamstrings – Straight-leg deadlift. When performing the lift, ensure that you keep both arms and knees straight. This allows your hamstrings to take the brunt of the weight.

Calves – Single leg calf raise. This exercise is used to isolate your calves so make sure that you perform it with full range of motion and try to get a high number of reps for maximum stimulation.

Quadriceps – Dumbbell lunge and squat. To get the most out of your leg routine, perform heavy squats as it’s of the best dumbbell exercises for hammering the entire thigh as well as the glutes. Be warned that it’s a very strenuous exercise, but stick with it for a several weeks and you’ll definitely see noticeable gains in your legs.

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