The Necessity of Cardio

The Necessity of Cardio

by: Dane Fletcher

Call it cardio, call it aerobics, call it whatever makes you feel more comfortable, but don’t avoid the inevitable: Every human being needs this variety of movement to be a part of their lives in order to function and be healthy.

We live in a weight conscious society, to be sure. The better a person looks externally, in clothes, naked, half naked, or anything in between, the more successful that person is deemed to be in the scheme of exercise and fitness. But looks can be deceiving.

Sure, cardio is the bodybuilder’s middle name-the key to the kingdom of ripped. But the truth is, cardiovascular exercise is probably one of the most misunderstood, under-utilized, over-utilized tools in the workout world. It is truly one of the greatest conundrums within the realm of fitness. And here’s another tip: Those who swear by it, may not even know why they swear by it.

Here are the pay-offs… and they are undisputed:

Cardiovascular exercise can burn calories at a rate between 8 and 30 calories per minute. That’s a lot of glazed donuts!

When engaging in cardiovascular exercise 5 times weekly, one can eat between 25% and 30% more calories and maintain or lose weight…continue reading.


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  1. Another interesting thing about endomorphs is that once the muscle is built, it’s hard to lose it, even with prolongued absence of training. Also, endomorphs have better cardio because of increased lungue capacity.

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