How to Grow an Awesome Back by Rico Connor

How to Grow an Awesome Back
Author: Rico Connor

Writing is one of my favorite things in the world. I love to impart knowledge to people who are truly looking to sort through the maze of misinformation out there on health and fitness and learn how to achieve optimal health and enjoy a much higher quality of life. Trust me people. You will enjoy everything in your life better when you are healthy. Give yourself the gift of good health!

In this article I am going to tell you exactly what I do for my back. I do four exercises on my back day.

1) Machine Shoulder Shrugs
I get a tight grip on the handles and keep my arms straight and imagine they are bars. Standing straight up and holding the grips with my arms straight down at my sides, I shrug with my traps to lift the bars up as far as I can. I do not try to pull it up with my arms. All of my focus is my traps doing the work. Then slowly lower bars and relax your traps and repeat…continue reading.


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