Ten Steps For Massive Pecs

Ten Steps For Massive Pecs
by Dane Fletcher

Anyone who has spent a few years in the gym can probably show some pectoral development. However, to earn that massive set of Arnold-like pecs, you have to go further, train harder and stay more focused than the rest. Here are six key steps to developing a successful pec strategy

1. Stay Focused

Some guys train hard and disciplined, but decide to take a month or two off during summer. Then they come back to the gym and realize they’ve lost their gains, so they train their asses off again, until that Christmas party and the new girlfriend derails them for another couple of months. Then they come back, realize they’re back to square one and they’re off for another cycle of training and subsequent breaks. That won’t cut it. Consistency is a requirement for bodybuilding success, and pec training certainly is no exception. You need to stay focused on your long-term goals, come hell or high water (or summer, or a hot new girlfriend, or whatever.)
A good trick for staying on track is to review your training log every 3 months and make note of the poundages/reps you do on a separate sheet. Next, measure your flexed chest and make a note of the exact number. If you’re serious, a Polaroid snapshot can be helpful too. Why not a monthly…continue reading.


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