What Do Men Want From The Fashion Industry?


I am starting a clothing line for men. I started this because I sat down with a group of men between the ages of 18 – 35 and I was shocked at what I heard. I heard complaints that as men they were limited to what they could find at the malls and in fashion period. I was told that they didn’t feel they weren’t able to express who they were and find their own individuality. Is it really that hard when it comes to color choices? One man said that he is bored with fashion, he only gets a few color choices, black, gray, white or possibly navy blue.

A few men complained that they found their casual wear was boring, wearing a suit was something that they felt was required of them but they didn’t know how to wear it, they found that flannel pjs and under garments were boring and they were looking for something else. They said that women have more of a variety and they wished that they had such a variety.

So I want all of you men out there to not only cover the areas I mentioned but the areas that I possibly missed as well? How do you feel? What is it that you want when you go shopping, perhaps it’s convenience or simplicity when heading to the store or shopping online…fill me in! Post here or visit the group at google groups here: What do men want from fashion?



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  1. Matthew says:

    They’re right. Men’s fashion is extremely boring. I love shopping with my female friends because I can help them choose from a VARIETY of clothes and accessories, not just the same old, same old. As much as I love GQ magazine, if it weren’t for their quirky and interesting articles and opinions, I wouldn’t buy it because all I see are suits, tuxedos, striped dress shirts and the usual thousand dollar dress shoes.

    When speaking of colours, the most us men get to choose from are navy blue, brown, black and gray. The only clothes you’d find that actually have colour to them are polo shirts and T-shirts…And the stores that actually offer a variety of colours (In Canada at least) are H&M and any companies operated by The GAP inc. which is not really my cup of tea to be honest with you.

    Men’s fashion is very limited, all I want are more colours, heck if they can’t do that, then at LEAST a variety of clothes other than the average couple hundred dollar suit or dress shirt, heck maybe some pants with half a skirt attached to it! (It’s a start right?)

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