Gene Marie interviews Photographer Adam Bouska

shot by adam bouska Interviewing photographer Adam Bouska will be an experience I will always remember. I am able to recall seeing one of Bouska’s shots for the first time—after that I had to find out more; I was hooked on his style of photography. It was quite surprising to discover he was such a young photographer, and yet quite the pleasure to be exposed to such youthful talent.

Light, colour and image are only a few of the elements that make his photography unique. With ‘endless amounts of photographers, painters, and artists’ Bouska is inspired to do more with his art. He is able to take still images that seem to defy expression, capturing images that inspire you, all the while daring the viewer to look just a little deeper.

Meet Adam Bouska

My name is Adam Bouska, I turned 23 this past Halloween, and currently reside in Palm Springs, California. I’ve been photographing for about three and a half years now.

I first fell into photography when living in Chicago while attending college for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science. I started in the industry as a model and wanted to do more. Watching what photographers were able to do behind the camera has always fascinated me. Having experience in technology, experience in front of the camera, a broad network of contacts, and an artistic history, I felt confident that I could bring something unique to the industry.

Having been on both sides of the camera has given me a greater opportunity to see more perspectives. This has allowed me to better direct models through the shoot. This keeps them more relaxed and in the end produces a better shot. I allow them to incorporate their own ideas prior to setting up the shot and I try to bring out each of their individual personalities. With my experiences as a model and photographer, I find that variety is important to me with each shoot, so I constantly keep the shoot moving. I like to change the clothing, hairstyle, as well as location as often as possible within the time frame given.

A career in photography never was an option for me. I’ve always been told there is no money in photography, and that it’s a rough industry. Great advice, but it hasn’t stopped me. Exposure is a daily battle for any photographer. I think being a model prior to photographer; has made that battle easier. My goal has always been to never stop photographing. As long as I’m able to express my passion and live comfortably, I’m happy. I’ve also been told that the goal was to super specialize, but I never try to limit myself to one set field. Although a majority of my experiences focus towards fashion, portraits, edgy, and artistic shots, I’ve photographed everything from food for restaurants to weddings.

With such a variety of shots, I’ve been asked if I have a favorite photograph and I’ve been asked this many times before. I’ve never been able to narrow it down. A lot of my photographs have sentimental value to me because of the experience, passion and effort that was put into creating the image. So each final product holds special meaning that I find hard to rank.

Photography in itself is a dream job. To be able to produce art, travel all over the world, and work with such a variety of people is living life in itself. My dreams / goals as a photographer are to produce a compilation of my works in a book in the near future. Beyond that I would love to expand my studio into a bigger space and photograph more and more.

Over the past few months I’ve been working with a publisher on a calendar that will begin print this weekend. Additionally, I’m currently shooting a second calendar that I’ll be working on for next year. (a site I dedicated to the models that I work with) has been completely revamped and I hope to have that released sometime in February.

To those interested in the industry, beginning or experienced, you have my support; its rough and you need to surround yourself with good trustworthy people. My computer is a critical tool for image manipulation and enhancement, but it also a tool for networking and staying connected while traveling. That said; I’m constantly networking and meeting people in the industry including; make up artists, models, actors, and photographers alike; so check out my work and hit me up.

Please check out more on Adam Bouska and support his works. He is gifted with an endless amount of talent. Sit back and watch as his ability as a photographer continues to mature and unfold before us. Thank you to Adam Bouska for accepting this interview, and allowing us an outlook of your life as well as a view of your exceptional images.

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