Wentworth Miller is a nice way to start off our 21 hottie count down!
Check back tomorrow at 3 for the next hottie!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. buffrx says:

    This count down happened in September, I started this blog and it says all the hotties were posted on the same day! You can view the other blog at http://www.nickaugertheman.blogspot.com – soon to be http://www.buffrx.blogspot.com

  2. Jessica says:

    I love this man in my list he is the hottest man alive. he is sexy and a great actor. I would love to sit with him in person and get to know him cuz he is amazing and every single way possible.

  3. corie says:

    wentworth miller you are so fit and i have watched every sigel season of prison break love you corie

    1. Gene says:

      Thanks for posting. But he definitely doesn’t stop by this blog at all. Prison Break was a good show though i agree.

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