21 000 visitors! Wow! A Huge Celebration

21 000 visitors! – LETS CELEBRATE!

Wow! I was checking the site for errors today an I saw that we had a total of 21 000 visitors! Thank you fans, models, photographers, writers, all of you participating in this website! You’ve made it amazing!

In celebration to this! We’re going to do :
21 Hotties” check back for photos, and more posts! We’ve added a new man Brent van Zant and more is coming! Perhaps we’ll surprise you with some hotties in the mail???

Updates (

  1. New Man – Brent van Zant
  2. New Photo of – Brent
  3. New Form – Updated page for BuffRx Man applicants! A new and easy form to fill out!
  4. New Photo of – Brent
  5. New Man – Aitor Meteo
  6. New Photo of – Brent
  7. New Photo of – Aitor Meteo

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