BuffRx’s Joshua McGuire takes first place!!

We were surprised two weeks ago by great news of Joshua McGuire (upcoming fitness model and our new fitness trainer) taking First place in Level 3 Athletic Men open category in Toronto’s Fitness Star competition  as well as 3rd place in the Audience Choice Award! Congrats!

Fitness Start - Joshua Mcguire (take first place)

Third from the Left is Joshua McGuire (First Place Level 3 in Athletic Men in Toronto)

Fitness Star - Joshua McGuire

Joshua McGuire posing with two female contestants. Selena at far left stole first place for the Audience Choice Awards




Changes for March 2010

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Grow an Awesome Back Without Machines Part 1

Featured Exercise: Dumbbell Row with Neutral Grip

Wow I could not find a video that was already made with a male in it! So I’m posting the female version which is the same exercise as the male exercise. I’ll be sure to make one of my own and post soon!

All you need is some dumbbells,  a tee and shorts, and some running shoes. Oh and a mirror if possible to see your form as it is key to every exercise.

This exercise works mainly your lats, but also biceps, levator scapulae, lower back, rhomboids, traps – mid, traps – upper, triceps. Be sure to stick your bum out just as she is like your pushing a door away with it. Very important.  Bent Knees, squat right into it just as she is doing. Back flat, keeping the spine aligned, with your head looking straight down at the ground.   If you have any injuries be sure to consult your trainer.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

How To Grow An Awesome Back Without Machines Intro!

A few months back I posted an article titled ‘How To Grow An Awesome Back’ by Rico Connor.   A reader listed as ‘lucx’ asked this question:

If I’m not exposed to machines which excercize do you recommend as the best to bring good results for back?

What a fantastic question, is what went through my mind! So for the beginning of June we’ll have a nice focus on working out the back without having to pay for expensive machines or an expensive membership.  If anyone has any other questions regarding other areas of the body that you’d like to focus on without paying loads of money feel free to post your question. Now remember before I start this I’m giving you all heads up! You’ll need dumbbels and/or a medicine ball, possibly a stability ball or bosu ball, so hit the stores. Consider purchasing a mat as well (usually used for stretching or pilates/yoga). Those are cheap, 20 bucks here in Canada, so get shopping! Walmart is good with these things (a tip), if you’re truly on a budget. But I recommend heading to any sports store.

I’ll  be in touch within a few days

Gene Marie

Best Dumbbell Exercises for Achieving a World Class Physique

Pics by Gaz

Pics by Gaz

Best Dumbbell Exercises for Achieving a World Class Physique

Author: Eugene Armand

Dumbbells are the most versatile and effective workout tool for constructing a muscular body. With just a pair of dumbbells, one can perform dozens of compound and isolated workouts in order to strip away fat, develop lean muscle mass and improve cardiovascular fitness. So with the large selection of exercises available, one might begin to ponder – what are the best dumbbell exercises for producing the greatest physique development? Well, without further bustle, here are some of best dumbbell exercises that’ll help you get a world-class body when combined with proper muscle gaining diet:

Best Upper Body Dumbbell Exercises

Chest – Flat/decline/incline bench press. The standard flat dumbbell bench press is a powerful exercise and should be sought regularly for developing a remarkable, head-turning chest.Shoulders – Dumbbell shoulder press, upright row and lateral raise. The standard shoulder press and dumbbell upright row is great for blasting the shoulder complex. You can also perform the latter one arm at a time thereby allowing you to apply full pressure on the lateral part of the shoulder individually. To complete the whole package, you should also blast the anterior part of the shoulder, and the lateral raise is the perfect exercise for accomplishing this goal.

Back – Dumbbell bent over row, deadlift and shrug are your best friends. The aforementioned exercises can help you develop a strong and muscular back if done with correct form and relatively heavy weights.

Biceps – Dumbbell curl and Incline curl. These two are the only exercises you’ll ever need to stimulate your biceps and can be done either one arm alternately, or perform with both arms at the same time. The incline curls are highly stressful so you probably won’t be able to lift as much weight compared to the standard curls.Triceps – Triceps extension, dumbbell kickback and incline extension. All 3 exercises are fully capable of kicking up triceps growth. Don’t go too crazy on your triceps because they get enough stimulation from your chest routine like the bench press.

Best Lower Body Dumbbell Exercises

Hamstrings – Straight-leg deadlift. When performing the lift, ensure that you keep both arms and knees straight. This allows your hamstrings to take the brunt of the weight.

Calves – Single leg calf raise. This exercise is used to isolate your calves so make sure that you perform it with full range of motion and try to get a high number of reps for maximum stimulation.

Quadriceps – Dumbbell lunge and squat. To get the most out of your leg routine, perform heavy squats as it’s of the best dumbbell exercises for hammering the entire thigh as well as the glutes. Be warned that it’s a very strenuous exercise, but stick with it for a several weeks and you’ll definitely see noticeable gains in your legs.

About the Author:

Everything from meal plans to exercise techniques can be discovered at Muscle Building Success!

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/muscle-building-articles/best-dumbbell-exercises-for-achieving-a-world-class-physique-757669.html

Finally Get The Six-Pack That You’ve Always Wanted

Mr. August - Neil Koehler

Mr. August - Neil Koehler

Finally Get The Six-Pack That You’ve Always Wanted

Author: L. Pogan

Summer is right around the corner, the days of laying on the beach or by the pool will be here before you know it. Wouldn”t you love to have a flat, toned stomach or the ultimate six-pack? There is no quick fix or fad diet that will achieve these results, it takes dedication and hard work. But the pay off is extraordinary, the confidence to walk around in your swimsuit and not care if anyone is looking. Let this be the summer you walk around in that bikini or with your shirt off, showing off your amazing abs.

Nutrition is the key to a flat toned tummy. Eating natural, whole foods over processed foods and fast food, will allow you to eat more food for less calories. Eating smaller more frequent meals throughout the day will keep your metabolism burning all day. Plus eating smaller more frequent meals will keep you feeling full and therefore less likely to overeat. It is a good idea to plan your meals. By planning your meals and snacks for the entire day, you reduce the temptation to eat things just for the convenience. You should aim to eat every 3 to 4 hours and each meal or snack should contain protein and complex carbs, to help you feel fuller longer. Correcting your eating habits is an important step to achieving the abs of your dreams. Your abs will never show if you have a layer of stubborn belly fat blocking them.

Abdominal muscles consist of three layers. The very deepest layer is the transversus abdominis, it acts as the body’s girdle, providing support and stability. The middle layer, the rectus abdominis, which flexes the spine. And the internal and external obliques, which turn the trunk and provide the body with rotation and lateral movement. For a tight, toned tummy, you have to work all three layers.

Having strong abs is important for overall wellness. It is important to strengthen your core for better posture, to decrease lower-back pain, and to reduce the risk or injury. Strengthening your core can also improve your abilities in other sports like golf and tennis. Having that flat stomach or six-pack is just an added bonus.

You do not need to do 1000 crunches a day to achieve a six-pack. One of the biggest mistakes people make is over training the abdominal area. You should train your abs like every other muscle in your body. You would not do 1000 squats or bicep curls a day, would you? You really only need to focus on the abdominal area 2 to 3 times a week at most. You don\’t need any kind of crazy contraptions or machines, just a simple group of exercises.

You do not need to do all of these exercises every time you train your abs. Pick 3 or 4 exercise and change it up regularly, only do 20 to 25 reps, and no more than 3 sets. Allow yourself 30 to 60 seconds between sets. Good form is most important, fewer reps done correctly will show far better results than tons of rep with poor form. It doesn’t matter which exercises you choose, as long as you include a variety that trains all abdominal areas. And you don’t have to stick with laying on the floor the whole time. Some of the best moves come from yoga and pilates were core training is the goal. These types of exercises really focus on the deep abdominal muscles that pull everything in, helping you feel taller and leaner.

The final piece of the puzzle is cardiovascular training. You don\’t have to run 10 miles, but you do need to get your heart rate up and burning fat. You can do any kind of cardio that you like; walking, running, swimming, cycling or any other type that you enjoy. By combining these three steps, you can be on your way to the sexy stomach you’ve always desired. This does not happen overnight. You could start to see results in as little as 8 weeks if done correctly. And with continued commitment and training you can achieve results that will last a lifetime.

About the Author:

L. Pogan is a working mother of 2 young boys. She has a passion for health and fitness. And knows first hand that having a strong, healthy body takes hard work and dedication, but it is possible.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/muscle-building-articles/finally-get-the-sixpack-that-youve-always-wanted-773287.html